Cypress Redifill Wood Filler 250gm

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Redifill Putty is a unique, non-toxic, multi purpose wood filler designed for interior and exterior use.

Redifill is a revolutionary timber floor filler that has been around now for over 15 years.  Redifill has the special benefit of not being none porous. Instead of the coatings soaking into the surface which creates differences in sheen levels, Redifill allows the coating to sit on top just as the coating does on timber.

Redifill has one additional advantage that we have noticed locally. The colours are much richer and darker. It is extremely important when filling the floor to ensure that the average colour of the filler is darker than the average colour of the floor. Light filler can make a very nice look cheap. Pink dots in a Jarrah floor draws attention to the filler and just looks poor. It is much better to have darker and richer colours. Redifill is much better. In part, one of the reasons for the success of the product is the fact that it was developed by a floor sander.

We strongly recommend the use of the Redifill product it has so many benefits to a timber floor that it is the filler of choice among many floor sanders.