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Evolution Hardwax Oil Classic Sample 100ml

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 Combining all of the benefits of older versions of Hardwax Oils, we have created, using state-of-the-art technology, a super tough Hardwax Oil made uniquely for Australia. Please contact us 1300 326 929 if you wish to use the optional 2k Booster. 

Main Benefits:

Coverage Rate, 1 litre is sufficient for approx. 30 m² rolled, per coat, depending on the type of timber and surface texture.

Faster drying times, leave overnight prior to recoating

Optional Booster, for improved durability.

Can be rolled or buffed on.

Four Sheen levels

Cobalt and oxime free.

As well as:

Forms a lustrous, natural, silky finish that penetrates & nurtures timbers.

Enhances the natural colour & feature in the timber

Manufactured with German technology, but created for Australian conditions.

Can be replenished without an aggressive sanding.

Re-coating results in no loss of thickness of timber, and allows the timber to build character.

Simple maintenance regime.

Durable, water resistant, suitable for bathrooms and kitchen benchtops, stain resistant, finish for all interior timbers.

Micro-porous oil allows timber to breathe & move seasonally.

Safe for use in its liquid form & safe disposal of used wax after re-sanding.

Food safe, toy safe, environmentally friendly manufacturing.

Colourless, professional surface coating and protection.