Evolution Timber Colours for paneling, flooring, stairs, furniture and more.

Evolution Timber Colours, for interior use on all timber surfaces. The colours penetrate allowing the timber to keep the natural look and feel. The natural pigments, in which most are made of coloured clays, are reduced into a powder form and mixed with an oil base for easy application. When applied using the following application techniques, there should be no overlapping or applicator marks. The pigments, which are colour fast, will enhance the grain of the wood and strengthen the colours. They can also be used to mask or accentuate the characteristics of the timber.


We propose a game of ten base colours which are all intermixable, allowing you to create your own unique colour if you wish to do so.

The names are inspired from the owner of Whittle Waxes previous employment as a safari guide during in his youth in Zimbabwe. Bushbuck Brown, Impala Brown, Roan Brown, Kudu Brown, Lechwe Red, Eland Grey, Nyala Grey, Waterbuck Grey, Oryx White and Sable Black.


The colours will appear different on various species of timber, always do a sample test first.

We always recommend to apply the timber colours first, followed by two protective coats of your choice of Evolution Hardwax Oil or Treatex Hardwax Oil.

It is more difficult to repair a timber colour that is combined into the coating, than it is to repair and replenish the protective hardwax oil coating. When protective coatings are tinted they will wear unevenly and eventually need to re-sanded and completely redone, which is why the colour always should go on first. It is possible to mix the colours into the hardwax oil, this is fine in the case of low to no traffic areas, doors and cladding for instance. Always feel free to contact us for advice on colours or application techniques.

The correct order should be:

  1. One coat of the Evolution Colour of your choice.
  2. One coat of Hardwax Oil, lightly sand down with a 240 grit screen after this coat.
  3. The final Coat of Hardwax Oil.
  4. Do not get the surface wet during the 10 curing period, however after 24 hours you should be able to walk on the floor with care.
  5. Maintain your floor regularly with our Floor Care products.