How to Keep the Freshly Sanded Look on Timber.

Our Natural and Raw Stains are designed to lock in that freshly sanded look. They are tinted with natural pigments to match the colour of raw timbers. Be sure you have chosen the appropriate colour for your timber species. These stains will neutralize the darkening of the following protective coats of clear hardwax oil.

If you have red timbers, use Raw Stain Red, darker timbers, use Raw Stain Dark, for lighter timbers you have two options, Raw Stain light and Natural Stain. Raw Stain light and Natural Stain are similar recipes, the main difference being that Natural Stain has more pigments and in more covering than the Raw Stain light. You will still see the grain of the timber with all of these options.
These stains must be applied first to raw freshly sanded timber and protected with your choice of sheen level of any of our hardwax oils. This means there are three coats for the final finished project.
Proper sanding is imperative for a beautiful finish.

Sand the timber to 180 grit, pay careful attention to corners to make sure the sanding is done correctly and in the direction of the grain of the timber.
These stains have a very easy application.

Either rag them on and buff them off immediately, or brush them on and buff off the excess immediately. For larger areas contact a professional floor sander, in which case they can use a white pad on a slow speed buffing machine. This is done by pouring a puddle of stain about the size of the palm of your hand directly on the floor and placing the buffing machine directly over it, if done correctly there should be no overlapping or application marks.
There should be no patchy areas or glossy areas if applied and buffed off correctly. Allow them to dry overnight, if the protective coat of hardwax oil is applied too soon you may lift off the colour in some areas, this will result in an uneven colour and finish.

Always refer to the application information sheets on our website.

Sample pots can be purchased through our online store or at your closest distributor.