I’ve used Treatex Colour Tones and Hardwax Oils in the past, what do I use to replace it?

Hardwax Oils

We have discontinued the Treatex Traditional range and are concentrating on our superior Evolution product range.

Everything evolves over time – including our products! For over 15 years, our customers have been enjoying the benefits of our Treatex Traditional Hard wax Oil, but many of you will also be familiar with our more recently introduced Evolution Hardwax Oil range, also created by Treatex.

Treatex Traditional Hardwax Oil had three sheen levels to choose from, Evolution offers four. How do they match up?

From lowest sheen to highest in each product range

Evolution Matte

Hardwax Oil


Is in a category of its own, it’s a beautiful flat matte.

Evolution Classic

& Treatex Matte

Hardwax Oil

Both are a very

low sheen matte.

Treatex Lustre

Hardwax Oil 

 50/50  mix of

Treatex Matte and

Treatex Satin

Treatex Satin and Evolution Satin

Hardwax Oil


Are very similar.

Evolution Gloss

Hardwax Oil

Is in a category of its own,

it’s a beautiful

natural gloss.



Evolution Matte Hardwax Oil is in a category of its own, it’s a beautiful flat matte, combined with our Raw Stains and our Natural Stain, and it literally looks like the timber has nothing on it, and keeps that light freshly sanded look.

Evolution Gloss Hardwax Oil is also in a category of its own, it’s a slightly higher sheen than Satin, but doesn’t have the glaring shininess of what we expect from a glossy product.



The main difference between the two ranges of colours, Evolution and Treatex, is that Treatex is the flammable version, but also the Evolution Colours are easier to work with. Evolution offers ten colours to choose from, whereas Treatex had eight.

All of the Evolution colours can be intermixed to create your own personalized colour.

Please note these colours do not exactly match the Treatex Colours. Also please keep in mind the colour and species of the timber will affect how the colour will appear.  The sanding technique will also affect the colour. We always advise to do a sample test first, sample tins are available on our website.

Which Evolution colours are closest matched to the Treatex Colour Tones? See below for our recommendations to help you chose.


Here are our colour suggestions:



Treatex Colour Tone Spruce and Evolution Oryx White are both whites, however Oryx White allows a crisper brighter white in comparison to Spruce.


Lighter Greys

Treatex Colour Tone Grey or as sometimes referred to as Pebbly Grey. With the grey tones as well as with the browns, there are a million different options, but here are our suggestions for the lighter greys in our Evolution Range of Colours from lighter to a more medium grey. * note these colours do not match exactly the Treatex Grey.

  • Evolution Colour Eland Grey
  • Evolution Colour Nyala Grey 

Darker Greys

Treatex Colour Tone Slate is the darker grey in the Treatex Range.

  • Evolution Colour Waterbuck Grey
  • Evolution Colour Nyala Grey


Treatex Colour Tone Ebony is the black colour in the Treatex Range.

  • Evolution Colour Sable Black

Lighter Brown

Treatex Colour Tone Medium Oak is a light brown, only a few shades darker than a light timber.

  • Evolution Colour Impala Brown is the lightest brown of the Evolution Colours
  • Evolution Colour Roan Brown

Darker Brown

Treatex Colour Tone Dark Oak a few shades darker than medium oak with a red tone.

  • Evolution Colour Roan Brown
  • Evolution Colour Bushbuck Brown

Darkest Brown


Treatex Colour Tone Antique Oak

  • Evolution Colour Bushbuck
  • Evolution Colour Kudu Brown, however Kudu Brown is a very dark brown, we created Kudu Brown as a result of many requests to mix the Treatex Ebony and Antique Oak as a custom colour.

We are always happy to help with any advice on our products and colours.