Object Oils, nourishing oils to refresh your timber.

Now bringing you the Evolution of Object Oil.

What is Object Oil?

Object Oil is a replenishing oil that nourishes the oil component of your Hardwax Oiled surface. With our Floor Care Concentrate, that adds a layer of protective wax, the two compliment each other in the protection of your already hardwax oiled surface, prolonging the time between coats of hardwax oil.

  • Replenishment Object Oil is used as a maintenance coat for surfaces already coated with Hardwax Oil. It removes most stains and minor scratching by buffing on a thin coat.
  • For Commercial areas the coat can be applied with a buffing machine at night and dry for morning with no aggressive odors.
  • Repair for smaller areas such as kitchen and bathroom benchtops, Object Oil can easily be buffed on with a lint free cloth.
  • Object Oil can be used on other oiled finishes as a protective coat, that repairs minor issues, but please do a sample first.
  • For extremely soiled surfaces, our Preparation Cleaner will take off the layer of grime, but it will also take off some protective oils, so it is important to apply Object Oil after an aggressive cleaning with Preparation Cleaner.
  • It can also be used as a coating by itself, in which case its a two coat application. It isn’t as resistant as our hardwax oil finishes, because it has a lower wax content.

Use Classic Object Oil to refresh surfaces treated with Evolution Classic, Satin and Gloss Hardwax Oil, and Treatex Lustre, Satin and Gloss Hardwax Oil.

Use Matte Object Oil to refresh surfaces treated with Whittle Waxes and Treatex Matte Hardwax Oil.