Preventing Potential Accidents

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) Stair treads must have a slip-resistance finish. Our ready to use Anti-Slip will increase the level from R10 to the required R12 on interior staircases and other interior surfaces. It’s suitable for all wooden and cork flooring surfaces and is ideal for stairs, wet areas, ramps and doorways.

Use Anti Slip Protection in replacement of the first coat of Hardwax Oil, the second coat of protective hardwax oil should be the same sheen level as the rest of the floor. R12 Anti-Slip is ready to use and is designed to be applied with Treatex Hardwax Oil Clear (Matte, Lustre, and Satin) And Evolution Hardwax Oil (Matte, Classic, Satin and Gloss).

Timber preparation:

Surface must be properly sanded, Finish sanding with 120 Screen or finer grease-free, dust-free, clean and dry. Strip or sand painted surfaces (final sanding with 150 grit or finer). Different Timber species may give a different finish, please do a sample board if necessary.

When applying to whole tread:

Tape off the stringers and base of the riser. Stir the Anti-Slip well. Cut in with Brush and using the supplied roller from the Anti-Slip kit available on our website. Apply a thin even coat of Anti-Slip. Remove tape and allow to dry overnight. Apply a thin even coat of Hardwax Oil as the protective final coat.

When applying to the nosing:

Clear coat the stair treads with hardwax oil and allow to dry overnight. Tape off the Nosing, 75mm back from the edge. Tape off the stringers adjacent to the nosing. Stir Anti-Slip well and cut in with brush and using the supplied roller in the Anti-Slip Kit. Apply a thin even coat of Anti-Slip, remove tape and allow to dry overnight. Apply a thin even final coat of Hardwax Oil.