Understanding Cutek Colourtones

Understanding Colourtones

It’s important to understand that CUTEK is a unique penetrating oil system designed to enhance the natural colour and grain of wood. CUTEK is sold as a clear oil which can be used to protect the wood from moisture and moisture related movement such as cupping, warping and splitting. Using just the clear oil will protect the wood, providing stability and structural integrity while allowing it to naturally lighten to produce a silver weathered patina over time. The soft natural lightening and silvering of the wood represents a low care option and is becoming an increasingly popular way to leave wood in weather exposed settings.

Wood projects using clear CUTEK oil that have silvered can easily be returned back to the wood’s original colour using ProClean and high pressure washing followed by further applications of CUTEK clear oil.

However, if you desire to maintain the original colour of the wood then you need to purchase a Colourtone suited to your selected wood which will further enhance the natural colour and grain and help to maintain its “natural” colour over a longer period of time.

What to expect when using colourtone

Most wood care products on the market leave a build up of material on the surface of the wood. In the short term this provides more colour, but in the long term the finish can be prone to peeling and flaking, which requires time and money to repair.

The Cutek system is unique as it will fade over time rather than peel or flake. The initial Cutek Colourtone build on new smooth wood projects only offers subtle amounts of pigment that enhance the wood. Timber that’s exposed fully to the weather will lighten faster as the wood acclimatises over the first six months. A follow up application after this initial weathering period will provide much greater Colourtone build as the wood becomes rougher and more open.

How to increase colour build on new wood

New wood is milled smooth and often has a mill glaze which will greatly restrict the initial colour build. Better results can be achieved by creating a rougher surface and preparing the wood using Cutek Proclean in combination with a high pressure washer. Sanding the new wood to 80 grit will give even better results as it removes mill glaze and creates a much rougher surface which will enable higher colour build. Note…The rougher the surface of the wood, the greater the colour build and durability. Rough sawn or heavy brushed wood profiles will take more oil and colour so much bolder colour contrast can be achieved. The amount of mill glaze if any that is present on any job can vary significantly depending on species density, and machining method used. Note, sanded surfaces should be vacuumed or washed thoroughly to remove all loose wood and dust.