Dancespace383 Wollongong

Dancespace383 Wollongong is the highest achieving Ballroom Dancing Academy in Australia and as such is home to several high achieving competition couples.

“The floor is, of course, the main product in any dance studio, costing in our case the best part of one hundred thousand dollars. To that end, we researched different products trying to find the best one. We were determined to use the best and most environmental product on our 400 square meter dance floor.
We came across Whittle Waxes, who were then in Ringwood in Melbourne. The product choice on the market was large, however, at this point, we found out that the largest dance company in the country used Whittle Waxes. My wife had lectured in one of their studios in Victoria, and she had raved about the floor, so it was easy to call the owner and simply follow what they had done.

As we spend large parts of lives indoors, my wife and I find it important to minimize our exposure to chemicals as much as possible in our home, as well as in our workplace. With a large amount of children learning dance and yoga in the studio, we feel it’s the right thing to do to give them the most environmentally friendly conditions possible.”
–Allen Shingler, Co-World Champion Ballroom Dancer with his wife Donna Shingler Reeve, and owner of Dancespace 383 Wollongong

Scuffing and lightly scratching is a given, especially in studios like Dancespace 383, who propose styles of dancing such as Ballroom Dancing, Ballet, Yoga, Street Latin, Contemporary, Salsa, and Swing. Light damage will happen with any type of coating. With Hardwax Oils it’s easy to refresh by simply buffing on a maintenance oil to keep it looking like new. With no toxic odors, and no sanding required, the oil can be buffed on at night and will be dry by opening hours the next morning.

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