Tim Bennetton Architects Yeronga House

We are passionate about designing houses that are contemporary, sustainable and full of light and space. We take seriously the delivery and economics of all our projects but we go beyond finding out your needs – we aim to realise your dreams, with some fun and joy mixed in…

We substantially renovated this ‘post war Queenslander’ – situated on a lovely site surrounded by established Poinciana trees.

Our two wonderful clients (Steve, a water engineer; and Fiona

– a social scientist interested in sewing & fabrics) asked us to solve the typical Queenslander problems of dark, stuffy & hot spaces; as well as add a guest room.

Budget and scope always need to be handled sensitively and

creatively but the major issue here was ‘overland flow’. We try to find the opportunities in what are otherwise considered

‘problems’. Together with Steve we created a ‘seasonal stream’ using dry creek beds & permeable paving (reused from the site).

A new multipurpose ‘studio’ was built to the rear that included a fold down bed for guests. Combining the guest space within this meant that the overall result felt more generous and also helped save money (by building less!).

“.. we christened the deck with the neighbours this evening, we met at least 2 new people wandering by..”

Fiona, (house owner)


And beautiful photos by shantanustarick.com

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