Exterior Timber Protective Oil. Cutek CD50 for decking, cladding, outdoor furniture and more.


100 ml, 1L, 5L, 10L, 20L

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Product Description

Keep wood looking great for years with Cutek CD50 wood oil. This unique wood protection system can be applied as a clear oil which fades in the sun to a natural silver patina, or applied with any of our 10 colourtones added to enhance and maintain the freshly oiled look of your timber.


Trial application required. Different timber species may give a different finish. Stir well before and during use. Always refer to the full information sheet for more detailed information.


Avoid contact with plants, shrubs, trees and waterways. For best results, one coat of Cutek CD50 should be applied to all faces of the wood prior to installing, with a second coat applied to the top surface once the first coat is completely dry.  Penetration time varies significantly, depending on species, temperature, porosity, and moisture content of the wood.  Thicker sections such as post, beams and logs will require additional coats, as Cutek CD50 has a cumulative effect in the wood. Apply each coat evenly with brush, paintpad or roller.  When using Cutek Colourtone it is essential that the container holding the oil be stirred frequently both before and during use.  Two or three thin coats on finished wood and hardwoods are better that one or two thick coats. Wood must feel completely dry and non-greasy before application of the second coat. Make sure you prepare your timber before applying Cutek CD50 in order to get the best results.

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