Cutek Proclean

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Product Description

Want to revive your deck or cladding that has greyed off? Need to know how to restore decks, cladding and screens?
The solution is Cutek Proclean. This professional grade wood restoration product will brighten, clean and restore wood to look like new, ready for coating with Cutek oils. Use when timber is significantly grey and weathered, or to remove stubborn stains caused by tannin, iron, water, resin, mold & fungus etc.

Always patch test Proclean before use.
Professional grade wood restoration cleaner that keeps working for up to 24 hours.
Removes stubborn stains, including iron and water stains
Restores oxidized and grey timber while enhancing the grain


Because of the wide variation timber species and types of stains, always test Cutek Proclean before starting your project. This will help you determine how much time you’ll need to leave Cutek Proclean on the timber before rinsing and how much Cutek Proclean you will need for the job.


Before you begin, note the hazards and precautions on this website and the can labelling, and ensure that you use the correct safety equipment as detailed in the Safety Data Sheet. After testing a patch of timber and determining the required dilution, if any, apply Cutek Proclean liberally to a pre-wetted timber substrate with brush, roller, or garden sprayer. Let Cutek Proclean do most of the work by letting it sit on the surface for 10 minutes – 8 hours, or such time as deemed to be necessary by the test procedure. It may be necessary to scrub stubborn stains moderately with a stiff fibre brush. Removal Once Cutek Proclean has cleaned the timber, it must be power rinsed off thoroughly. For best results, power rinse with a high-pressure washer set to under 750 p.s.i. (50 bar), with a fan jet pattern to avoid damage to the wood fibre.

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