VOC FREE Interior Timber Protection, Evolution Pure Timber Oil




Product Description

100 % VOC Free, solvent free, moisture repellent, one or two coat penetrating oil designed for interior timbers. Suitable for: parquet and timber floors, stairs and other interior timber surfaces. For Commercial areas and highly trafficked areas, maintenance coats of Pure Timber Oil can be applied with a buffing machine at night and dry by morning with no aggressive odors. If the surface is clean and dry, there is no need to sand back before refreshing. Durable, provides long lasting protection against dirt and moisture. Cleaning with Whittle Waxes Care Emulsion will prolong the life of the coating. Colourless, yet naturally enhances the grain of the timber.


Try it first, with one of our 100 ml sample tins! Floor preparation for raw untreated timber: Finish sand to 120 grit screen. The untreated (Raw) timber must be finely sanded and clean. Vacuum thoroughly, depending on the surface, results may differ, test application is required. Additional Optional 2K Booster Only mix as much Pure Timber Oil and Evolution 2K Booster as will be applied within the next two hours. Mixing ratio 10 parts oil: 1-part Booster. Pure Timber Oil can be mixed manually and or by machine for at least one minute. Pure Timber Oil will harden in the container after approximately 2 hours once mixed with the Booster. Always refer to the full information sheet for more detailed information.


Application for raw untreated timber: Stir and shake Pure Timber Oil well before and during usage. Form working areas of approx. 30 m2, apply very thinly to avoid film building. Using a lint free cloth, rub in edges, corners, radiators, doors etc. surfaces that cannot be reached with the polishing machine. With a roller, wet-on-wet, repeat rolling until the entire surface remains wet and the wood no longer absorbs oil (up to 10 minutes depending on the type of timber). Then remove excess oil with a trowel or rubber blade and immediately buff in with a white PAD (Ø 400 mm) under the polishing machine until there is no residue on the surface. A second coat may be applied in the same fashion once dry. There must be no shiny patches or oil splashes over the entire surface, it must appear dry. Always refer to the information sheets for more detailed application information.

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