Intensive cleaning for hardwax oiled surfaces Preparation Cleaner




Product Description

Preparation Cleaner is a multi surface and laminate cleaner which aggressively removes grease, oil, and wax in preparation for recoating. For a thorough cleaning of all floors like parquet, plastic, cork, PVC, linoleum, laminate, natural and artificial stone floors, tiles and rubber floors.


Preparation Cleaner, multi surface and laminate cleaner, cleans waxed and oiled floors before refurbishing and thereby removes old gloss and polymer layers, waxes, oil films and other impurities. Replenishing treatment after using Preparation Cleaner: For professional after treatment we recommend for replenishing with a protection such as hardwax oil and follow a maintenance regime. Floor Care should be used for regular cleaning and Maintenance Oils when needing minor uplifts and repairs.


Application for sensitive surfaces: For surfaces such as linoleum or glossy surfaces try out in an inconspicuous place. Application for laminate and parquet flooring: Dilute Preparation Cleaner, 1 part cleaner to 10 parts water and damp-wipe (not wet). Caution: Too much moisture risks swelling of the timber. Application for other types of flooring: Apply Preparation Cleaner on the previously wetted surface undiluted or diluted (depending on soiling) and if necessary leave for 3 - 5 minutes. Treat possibly with a scotch brite or a red nylon pad and cleaning machine. Do not let Preparation Cleaner dry but work in sections, remove all loosened dirt and wipe with clear water. Always refer to the information sheets for more detailed application information.

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