Keep that freshly sanded look with Raw Light Stain




Product Description

Timber Colours: The colours are made in Germany with colourfast natural pigments, the base of our colours is Evolution hardwax oil itself, so it is possible to thin them with uncoloured Evolution Hardwax oil if desired. The colours will appear different on various species of timber, always do a sample test first. Areas of use: All high traffic interior surfaces, such as timber floors, cork, OSB boards, glued timber, countertops, and furniture. Even in damp areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Suitable for kindergartens, schools, nursing homes, etc. All colours are intermixable. Safe: Oxidative drying, cobalt free, free of oximes.

How to Keep the Freshly Sanded Look on Timber.


Timber preparation: Surface must be properly sanded, Finish sanding with 180 screen, surface must be grease-free, dust-free, clean and dry. Different Timber species may give a different finish, please do a sample board if necessary. Product preparation: Stir well before and during use. Please mix enough product to complete the area, when using more than one container. Always refer to the full information sheet for more detailed information.


Cut in with a brush and cloth off the excess. Brush or Trowel on and buff with a slow speed polisher or by hand with a lint free cloth. Buff off excess immediately, do not apply more than can be reached by machine. Allow to dry overnight, no need to sand back. Apply the first and second coat of your choice of hardwax oil. Follow instructions on the hardwax oil information sheet. Always refer to the full information sheet for more detailed information.

You may also need

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  • Bag of Rags 1kg



  • Uni-Pro Plastic Paint Stirrer



  • Uni-Pro Vinyl Glove