Mop for cleaning timber floors, Spray and Glide Mop


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Product Description

This Whittle Waxes Spray & Glide Mop makes it quick and easy to clean your floors. It has a detachable water dispenser so you don’t need a bucket, you can simply fill it with water and Whittle Waxes Floor Care Concentrate and go. The lightweight design incorporates an ergonomic trigger for dispensing the water. It utilises microfiber pads to trap dust and dirt. You can use the mop on tiles, linoleum or timber floors.

What’s great about the Spray & Glide Mop is that it doesn’t get too much humidity on the floor damaging the timber, as well as being easy to use.


Mix ½ a teaspoon of Floor Care Concentrate into the 1L spray bottle attached on the mop.


Regular care with Floor Care Concentrate will increase its resistance and ensure a longer time between coats. Do not mop with water only, because this will remove the protective coat of Hardwax Oil.

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