Traditional Lustre

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Product Description

Natural eco-friendly surface treatment for internal timber surfaces, for the coating of all internal timber, particularly floors, as well as porous surfaces such as stone tiles. Durable clear hardwax finish that is easily maintained, is water repellent and dirt resistant. With proper application will not discolour, crack, flake or peel. Safe for use on children’s’ toys contains no pollutants and minimal solvents. Microporous, allows timber to breathe and move seasonally. Enhances natural grain and timber colour, tends to be non-yellowing and will not edge bond when applied correctly. Available in three sheen levels, Matte, Lustre, & Satin.


If the surface to be treated is rough, sand smooth with 80-120 grit sandpaper. If a previous surface coating finish is present e.g. varnish, lacquer, hard wax oil etc. sand back to bare wood, again using 80-120 grit sandpaper. Remove any dust, dirt and make sure the surface to be treated is clean, free of contaminates and thoroughly dry. We advise that when using colours, sufficient product is purchased to complete the whole project and where more than one tin is required it is advisable to mix tins together before use. Stir tins and ensure product is at room temperature before use. We strongly recommend a small trial application. Always refer to the full information sheet for more detailed information.


One coat of Treatex Colour Tone should be brushed, trowelled, buffed, or rolled on thinly and evenly. Remove any excess product immediately with a lint free cloth or buffing machine. Don’t worry about overlapping areas where the excess has already been clothed off, you will not leave join marks. Allow to dry – maintaining warmth and ventilation will enable the surface to dry faster, 12 to 24 hours, once dry, seal with two coats of Hardwax Oil.

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