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Beautiful Timber Naturally

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Beautiful Timber Naturally


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Beautiful Timber Naturally


Beautiful Timber Naturally

Beautiful Timber Naturally







I would like to express my grand appreciation of your products. I really love the quality and finish. These are my first two projects finished with treatex satin. I hope you like them. The red one is a recycled redgum sleeper that was put in a fire but was too dense so I slabbed it, leaving the burnt edges. It has had a few different laquers and states of epoxy filling but it finally looks like I want it too after the 17 yrs or so since I made it. The other is a pine coffee table I picked up for $5 at the tip and after staining it walnut and brushing on a nasty gloss, I hated it so I stripped it back and decided to do a stain artwork on it, and of course finish it with treatex satin. Thanks for making such a great product.


Jamie Hipperson

"By the way, I love the product. Love the look, the feel, and how water just repels :)) So much nicer than polyurethane. I will be spreading the news:D 

-Tracey Weaver

Hello, my name is Oliver MacLatchy, I am the designer and maker at Wood Melbourne, where I make timber bathroom furnishings, such as baths, bath spouts and shower heads. There was and still is a real impression that timber doesn't work in the bathroom. I love timber, and I love using it everywhere that I can when I build, so I was determined to find a way to make timber in bathrooms work. This is where I discovered Whittles waxes. I had tried everything from oils to epoxies and nothing did what I wanted it to do; the oils and epoxies changed the colour and look of the timber and didn't provide the water protection that I was after. Not only does Whittles' Treatex do everything I want it to, it’s also very user and environmentally friendly. I use it on my bath spouts, taps and showerheads and am really confident that I can rely on it. I love the way it seals and protects but still leaves the timber looking naturally beautiful without changing colour or yellowing. I'm a big fan!

 -Oliver MacLatchy, Wood Melbourne

Hello all at Whittle Waxes,

 Just had you on the phone and mentioned we were still very happy with the finish after three and a half years of hard wear and tear. Our house is 130 years old (so the teak floor is that old as well) and we had it sanded and finished by Don from Norwood Floor Sanding in Nimbin NSW in late 2009. He did a great job.

Since then we've not been easy on the floor: what with four teenage daughters (and their boyfriends) and two huge dogs (Mastiff X and Great Dane X), the floor gets a hammering!

Dr Mieke Witsel

"I have been working in flooring industry over 20 years and in that time have had the opportunity to work with many different floor finishes. Whittle Waxes stands out, not only for its hardwearing and natural looking finishes but also because of its eco-friendly and non-toxic properties."

Oscar Castro - Austral Flooring

To accentuate this grain feature Whittle Waxes Wood Filler was used to fill the deep voids. See Use of the Whittle Waxes Wood Filler clear resin, together with saw dust from the surrounding provided a far better finish when compared with the white PVA glue or shellac, as the resin took on the surrounding timber colour.

 An excellent result, as when the area was fine sanded (2000 grit) it did not have its own shiny surface so often found when using PVA or shellac fillers.

Tony Ward

After many years in the flooring industry you get to try many different finishes, both good and bad. I have been particularly impressed by all of the Whittle Wax hard wax oils. With the prolific use of exotic timbers these days, it is reassuring for myself as a flooring contractor to be able to recommend a truly environmentally friendly timber finish that is easily repairable, non yellowing, non toxic and at the same time, nuture the timber in order to enhance the appearance and natural beauty. I have no problems recommending to my clients their range of products. I just love it!!

Chris White, Aardvark Floor Services 

“Our family is sensitive with the youngest being allergic to many twentieth century products and protecting the environment was a priority. Being a natural product it is not static and doesn’t seem to attract dust, best of all there are no nasty odors and fumes often associated with other products. All of our friends have admired the look and feel of it and wished they’d used it too.” 

Lorraine Van Orsouw, Belgrave South

We came across Whittle Waxes and their range of hardwax oils and are delighted with the result so we have now used hardwax oils on all of our timber surfaces including internal doors and cabinetry

As we have use limestone tiles extensively throughout the house these have been sealed with a water blocker product from whittle Waxes that is preforming exceptionally well, including the shower base in our ensuite.”

“Having just completed building our new home my partner and I were concerned with the serious health effects of polyurethane and we didn’t like the plastic-type finish that from our experience can crack and peel and allow water to penetrate.

Using recycled Jarrah for the floors, we were determined to find a natural product that was not only nontoxic and durable but would also nurture and protect the timber.

Receiving first class advice, brilliant products and outstanding service from Whittle Waxes we cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Melinda Browning, Owner Builder, Berwick

“I have been using Treatex Hard Waxes for over 4 years now and continue to be impressed with both the product and the support from the Whittle Waxes team.

The product gives a great natural finish and has proven excellent in terms of durability”

“I have used the product on my own home and have been particularly impressed with how easy it is to clean and maintain”

Jason Lewis, Floor Sander – Beautiful Floors Naturally

“I have no problem in recommending the hardwax oils to clients for both longevity and therefore, ease of maintenance and the ability to enhance the natural beauty of timber.

With the prolific use of exotic timbers these days, it is reassuring for the flooring contractor to e able to recommend a truly environmentally friendly timber finish that is non-yellowing, durable, repairable and non- toxic. I just love it!’

Chris White Aardvark Floor Services

"I have been using Treatex hard wax oils almost exclusively since 2008, on all sorts of floors, old and new. Whittle Waxes have been very helpful and supportive all along, even assisting me to apply finishes I had not used before. I find hard wax oils fill the needs of people who are looking for a non-toxic, enviro-friendly product, as well as satisfying most clients who had no preference or who were already expecting to be sold polyurethane! Hard wax oil is really a viable alternative to p.u., especially with the availability of the Treatex gloss. In the long term, hard wax floors improve over time - whenever I have visited a house after some time the floor seems to look better all over than when the finish was applied. I wish I could say the same for my floors at home which were finished earlier on in polyurethane. Hard wax oils really bring out the natural beauty of a natural product - timber. And yes, they can be applied with good effect to furniture, cabinetry etc."

George R. Smith, Thunderball Floors

"Whittle Waxes Hardwax oils are becoming more and more popular, not only for their non-toxic properties, but also the modern look that people are now seeking, and also their great wearability, particularly when used in conjunction with the non-toxic hardener gel. We are getting glowing reports from customers, saying how they love the look of the end result."

Rob Collins (Manager) Croydon Floor Services Pty Ltd.

"Architectural Hardwood Joinery is committed to a better outcome for both the client and the environment. We use Treatex Hardwax Oil because it is easy to apply, provides excellent durability, and is a better choice for the environment."

Architectural Hardwood Joinery, Robert Chapman

"We sand a lot of older floors in the area that have been neglected or covered over for decades. The timber that was used on the old floors is nearly always of high quality and people are amazed at what is exposed when we sand. Treatex Hardwax Oil is a firm favourite with the customers because it brings out the natural beauty of the timber and it is environmentally friendly. The cost of a Treatex finished floor is also favoured by our customers."

Rob Clark, d.i.y. Floorsanding Machine Hire Kyogle

“I have been sanding and coating floors for more than 15 years and Treatex (Hardwax Oil) is by far the best product I've ever used. I wished I’d found it years ago. I am now redoing my own home with Treatex and won't use anything else. I cannot speak highly enough of Whittle Waxes. They are brilliant. Their service is second to none. I've never dealt with a company like them.”

Bob Morris, Bob Morris Floors Ballarat

"It has now been 9 months since we extended the flooring showroom. The wax finishes you suggested then still look as good as the new Oak panel you coated last week. I thought it was timely to drop you a line to let you know how pleased we and our customers are with Whittle Wax finishes.

Your professionalism and follow up to our builder and customer referrals is something we greatly value and appreciate. Although we don’t sell floor coatings as such having sections of the showroom floor has been beneficial to visitors. Customers can see and compare the varying effect different coatings can have on the look and appeal of a timber floor. I’m sure many are glad to see a genuine alternative to traditional polyurethane coatings! Our customer response, particularly interior Designers and Architects has been excellent and hope it is reflecting in your business."

Tony Pepper - Flooring Manager, Taits Timber & Hardware, Tooronga


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